House hunters renovation deal hits snag

A renovation of a federal house that houses hunters for the military is about to hit a snag.The renovation would allow a family to renovate a $2.8 million federal house in rural New Mexico.It would take about four months to complete and it could cost up to $1 million, according to a news release from […]

How to get your new closet fixed by your closet renovators

How to fix a closet?The answers are simple.1.Start with a few small repairs and then work your way up to larger ones.2.Start small.3.Look for closet remodeling tools, not parts.4.Find someone who knows how to fix your closet.5.Ask for the right equipment and tools to start.6.Start slow.7.Never assume a closet renovation will take forever.8.Use a closet […]

Which cities should you buy your home from?

The next time you’re thinking of moving in, think about the home improvement loan you can get with a home improvement tour.That’s because most of the time, the house you’re buying from a tour company will be a remodel.And that remodel will likely involve a home inspection.But in recent years, a lot of home improvement […]

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