‘Renovate’ house for $20,000

REINVENTING A HOME FOR $20K IS BEING A DOUBLE-BAG LIVING.The dream of renovating a house is becoming a reality, with new products being developed to make it easier for homeowners to get started.A new company called EcoRenovator has been selling refurbishables for less than $20 each for the past year, with some priced as low […]

DIY Home Repairs: What to Do with Your Furniture

DIY home renovations can be as simple or as ambitious as you want.This article outlines some ideas on how to take care of your furniture, and how to make your house look more modern.If you’re looking for a home renovation project, it’s worth reading our comprehensive guide to buying a house and moving in.You’ll find […]

Eco renovate Pros to renovate laundry room

The renovation of the laundry room at Pro-Washing Co. in Bloomington, Ind., was a $300,000 project, but it will pay for itself when it’s finished.The laundry room was purchased by the company in 2010, but the renovations were completed in late 2013.Now, the company hopes to sell the space to another laundry company.

Which hotels will make it to 2019’s eco renovation resort?

If you’ve been searching for the ideal eco renovation hotel, you’ve found it.The Green Roofs Resort in North Carolina will be opening to the public next year.The resort’s main attraction is a 100-foot-tall glass wall that features a full-service restaurant, bar and spa.The hotel is also home to the eco-friendly eco-retro restaurant.For those who want […]

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