Why did the RCPB stop RCP renovation?

We are still waiting for the new RCPBs to go live.But we’re still waiting.That’s why we are continuing our #RebuildTheRCPB series highlighting the work that needs to be done in our community.Last week, the RCAF took over the city’s aging subway and light rail stations to build a new facility for the RTP, a massive […]

How to Get Rid of Your Old House

A new report has found that nearly half of the country’s homes have already been retrofitted, leaving a significant gap in the housing market, according to new data from the Census Bureau.“Homeowners are making great progress, but the housing industry needs to do more,” said Matt Kibbe, senior director of the Urban Land Institute.The census […]

How to renovate the Budweiser Field in San Diego

It seems like every year, someone will make a huge renovation proposal at a stadium in Major League Baseball’s new home.While the idea is to add some sort of fun to the place, it’s really more about money.The Budweis are one of the most expensive stadiums in baseball.They cost over $1 billion.In 2018, the San […]

How much would you pay to build a house in the desert?

By the time you walk into the Hayden Field Hotel in Los Angeles, you might be thinking about building a vacation home in the Mojave Desert.If you’re like most Americans, you don’t think about the desert when it comes to buying a home.But a new report by real estate consultancy Realize.com indicates that it might […]

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