How to save money when you renovate your home

Realtors and landlords have come a long way since the days when it was possible to rent out your house for just a few weeks, and the price tags on rental properties have been reduced to the point that it is possible to save a few hundred dollars per month on your property.If you’re looking […]

Which food is the most expensive to eat in India?

When it comes to food, India has its own cuisine.But some of the most common dishes are not the most popular, and some of them are downright disgusting.Here’s a look at some of India’s worst-known dishes.1.Mangalicious rice curry, karah, masala, namakkadam rice curry (Namakksha)A popular dish at Indian weddings, it’s a combination of rice, tamarind, […]

The future of the timberland ranching industry?

The future for timberland pro Renova is still uncertain.A year ago, the company’s chief executive, Richard Gorman, said the company was on track to break even by the end of the year, but he’s now downplaying the figure.“It’s not going to happen,” Gorman said, referring to the business.“We have to get back to profitability.”The company […]

VA Loans to Camper Trailer Renovations: How Much?

Last week, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced it had approved $931 million in loans for the renovation of nearly a million camper trailers nationwide.The Department said the projects will improve health and safety, reduce the risk of contracting disease, reduce fuel costs and make the RV-style trailer more accessible to veterans.But some experts say […]

BKM reopens as BK Tower – News & Review

BK Marriott & BK Realty LLC, the parent company of Marriott, is reopening the hotel-condominium complex as a hotel with the purpose of revitalizing the surrounding neighborhoods of Midtown Manhattan.The project was announced Monday, Dec. 6, by President and CEO of Marriott David Rittenhouse, who announced the opening of the hotel in partnership with the […]

How the Superdome renovation will affect you

NEW YORK — Superdomes are becoming a symbol of urban revitalization, a symbol for urban renewal and a symbol in the minds of millions of people in New York City.A few weeks ago, we all got our first glimpse of what the SuperDome renovation could mean for the city, and we’re already excited to see […]

How to renovate your home for an amazing price

The home you’re building could be yours for the asking!With all the modern conveniences you’ll love, there are many ways to renovatetheres worth the effort to make your home even better!We know this sounds like an obvious statement but if you want to get a home that truly stands out from the crowd, there is […]

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