Which food is the most expensive to eat in India?

When it comes to food, India has its own cuisine.

But some of the most common dishes are not the most popular, and some of them are downright disgusting.

Here’s a look at some of India’s worst-known dishes.


Mangalicious rice curry, karah, masala, namakkadam rice curry (Namakksha)A popular dish at Indian weddings, it’s a combination of rice, tamarind, curd, mustard, green chillies, garlic, salt and spices.

It’s traditionally served with a few spoonfuls of tamarisk leaves or tamarong, but in recent years the dish has gained popularity with more popular varieties like namikadam (rice with chutney), karah (rice balls) and namakhar (a thick sauce with the spices).


Cauliflower rice, nasi chana, dal (Nasi Biryani)A staple dish at many restaurants in India, nadikas, or cauliflower rice (pronounced nadih-kuh-lee) is a blend of wheat and rice that’s boiled and served with curry.

It makes for a delicious side dish, especially if you’re looking for something with a kick.


Kachori, dum kachori (Kachori)A rice dish that’s a staple of many Indian homes, this is the dish that most Indian people know, even if they’re not vegetarian.

It consists of a mixture of rice flour, flour, potatoes, peas and lentils.

It is also served with naan, bread and chutneys, but there’s nothing wrong with that.


Gobi rice, gopi (Kobi)Another staple of Indian homes that’s easy to forget.

Gopis (a type of rice) is often served with the usual accompaniment of kachari (rice flakes) or naan.

The dish is known for its fragrant flavor and rich texture.


Curry, biryani, kachuri (Kashi)A dish made of rice and rice flour and served alongside dal, kasuri or biryan.

It tastes just like a normal rice dish, but is sometimes served with vegetables or sometimes with meat.


Rice pudding, gourmand, gudi (Gourmand) A popular Indian dessert that has a rich, sweet taste and is usually served with buttercream.


Sambar korma (Sambar) An Indian rice pudding served with rice and sometimes other ingredients such as cream, cream cheese or sambar sauce.


Kumbh mela, tamil, masoor (Tamil) A typical meal in India where the main dish is usually rice, but sometimes other dishes are served as well.

The most popular varieties include rice kofta, koftas (rice cakes) and tamil koftans.


Dosa, pachadi (Pachadi) This is a classic dish made from a combination, rice and vegetables.

It usually comes in a thin batter or with a simple sauce.


Saffron pakora (Pakora) A dish served at weddings, celebrations and other occasions that has the typical taste of pakoras.

It comes in three types: gudi pakoras (a thin layer of rice batter), gudi parathas (an oily sauce made from sesame seeds) and pakori pakors (saffron sauce made with tomatoes, tomatoes, garlic and a few other ingredients).


Dhal, bhaji, gudni (Kodhi) A traditional Indian dessert served with some kind of rice.

It contains some kind and variety of vegetables, some kind or combination of spices and sometimes it’s accompanied by koftan, rice noodles.


Chana masala (Kami) This Indian favorite dish is made of a combination rice and chana (rice syrup) and usually contains curd.


Gokul (Chai) An all-purpose rice and other ingredients used for the making of chai tea or any other drink, especially tea.

It has a nutty flavor and can be used to make various kinds of drinks.


Dungarvan (Dunga) This dish is a staple meal in many homes.

It often consists of chicken, beef, or fish, along with some other meats or fish and some vegetables.


Kofta (Kongali) This delicious Indian dessert is usually made of whole-grain rice.

You can also add milk, yogurt, and other filling to the mix to make this dessert even more delicious.


Tandoori chicken curry, chicken kabab (Kabab) This popular dish is very popular in Indian homes and is served with various vegetables and meat, and

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