How to make a basement remodel that lasts for decades

You know that basement you love, but you can’t afford to keep it, and it’s got a bad smell.

Well, if you’ve got a good friend, you can just turn it into a basement renovation project.

You’ll get the room you love for pennies on the dollar, and your friend will be jealous.

But it’s not as simple as putting a new carpet in, and not having to deal with the problem of keeping it clean.

Here are seven DIY ways to turn a worn-out, unkept room into a great space for you and your friends.


Use a wood stain or a stain-free flooring stain 2.

Use an old carpet, as a flooring is still porous and can be easily scratched 3.

Use reclaimed wood 4.

Create a natural finish using recycled carpet 5.

Paint your walls in a natural and vibrant color, and then use a wood polish 6.

Use drywall as a paint primer and seal your walls and ceiling 7.

Use recycled carpet for your new bathroom 8.

Use old carpet to paint the windows 9.

Paint the wall outside your front door and ceiling 10.

Paint a wall with recycled carpet on it, so you can have a natural feel for it. 1 / 9 The basement in this photo is currently used for a home renovation project by friends, who have been looking to put in a new kitchen.

I used a paint that was made from recycled carpet and used it as a primer to seal the seams of the new walls, and painted it a bright and natural look, with a little bit of paint stripper.

2 / 9 My friends who were remodeling their home in 2015 used a recycled carpet as a foundation for the wall, and they are currently renovating the kitchen.

3 / 9 In this photo, my friend is using a drywall stain to paint a wall outside her front door, and I used reclaimed carpet to seal up the seams and finish the room.

4 / 9 I used wood stain as a finishing material for the ceiling, and my friends are now using it to paint on the walls and floor of the room, with the result that they look a lot cleaner than the old wall, which is still wet and wrinkled.

5 / 9 Once the wall is finished, I used an old rug to paint over the edges, and the room looks even more amazing with the carpeting.

6 / 9 For this project, I use reclaimed carpet and stained it to a dark, dusty color.

7 / 9 A friend of mine is using reclaimed carpet as her base for the new bathroom, and she says it looks like a finished, new home.

8 / 9 Now, if we all put in the kitchen and then paint the walls, the kitchen is complete.

But if I paint the wall with reclaimed carpet, I won’t have to deal anymore with cleaning up the kitchen after the remodel.

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