Which is better? The renovation of Santiago Bernabeau’s bathroom or the new fireplace?

The new fireplace, in the former home of architect Santiago Bohn, is just the latest addition to the renovations of Santiago’s new residence in Washington.

The new residence is also undergoing renovations of a bathroom renovation and new flooring installation.

The renovation was completed last fall.

It is a significant renovation because it will also require renovations to Bohn’s previous house in Los Angeles, where Bohn is currently based.

Santiago Bajes has lived in the home since 2006, when it was the home of his father, a retired engineer.

His father, who is deceased, was the architect of the renovation, according to a story in The Los Angeles Times.

The house’s current owners, Bohn and his wife, were among the first to notice a major change in the interior design of the house.

In addition to a new bathroom, the new residence also includes new carpeting, new windows and new fixtures.

The new home’s new exterior features a new fireplace and a new, larger kitchen and bathroom.

The exterior of the new home is also designed to be more livable.

The first of the renovations was completed in October.

The remodel also involved new floor-to-ceiling glass in the bathroom and a large glass window.

A new front door, new ceiling, new wall, new window and new light fixture are among the upgrades that were added to the home.

The renovations of the home were a huge undertaking and were carried out on a budget of nearly $1 million, according the Los Angeles Daily News.

Bohn was paid $1.4 million for the renovation of the original home.

It was the largest renovation to a residence in the country.

The interior remodeling also included new carpets, flooring and flooring finishes, new appliances, new kitchen cabinets, a new living room with a new dining room, a larger living room, new front doors, new doors and windows, new light fixtures and a fireplace.

In a statement, the Los Angelenos Department of Housing and Community Development said that renovations of existing homes were a key priority for the agency.

“We are pleased to see that the renovation work on the home is going smoothly, and that the work is taking place at a very reasonable cost,” the statement read.

“This is another example of the agency working closely with private developers to enhance the quality of the communities they serve, while ensuring the affordability of new housing projects.”

Bohn also has a home in Washington, D.C., but the agency says it is not aware of any changes planned to the property.

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