VA Loans to Camper Trailer Renovations: How Much?

Last week, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced it had approved $931 million in loans for the renovation of nearly a million camper trailers nationwide.

The Department said the projects will improve health and safety, reduce the risk of contracting disease, reduce fuel costs and make the RV-style trailer more accessible to veterans.

But some experts say the VA is not entirely on the hook for the cost. 

“VA has not made any guarantees as to the cost of the RV trailer project,” said Chris Sperling, the director of the Center for Rural Health Policy at the Urban Institute.

“VA is taking this money from private companies to buy up the trailers, so that the companies can keep doing the renovations.

So that’s really a net benefit for the taxpayers.” “

What’s been done so far is going to make the trailers harder to get into the hands of the elderly and disabled, which is going for veterans.

So that’s really a net benefit for the taxpayers.” 

VA officials also said the new loans will help veterans and their families to buy the RV trailers that will help them continue to live on the country.

But Sperland said the loans will be a short-term fix, and they will only be used if the VA needs the money.

“These loans will come in the next couple of years,” he said. 

Sperling also questioned why the VA was allowing the construction of trailers that are not certified to meet the federal standards for RV use.

The RV is considered a trailer in most of the states, and many states have regulations that require the trailers to meet RV safety standards.

The Veterans Affairs Secretary said in a statement that the agency is “encouraged” that states are working on implementing the federal RV safety standard.

“We applaud the states and the Department’s continued leadership in this effort, and look forward to working with all states to further strengthen RV safety regulations,” the statement said.

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