Why a $20,000 basement renovation could cost your house a lot more

The Federal Housing Administration says it could cost $20 million to renovate a house in a low-income area in Alabama that’s home to a federally-insured mortgage company.

The FHA says a basement renovation is a new project that’s not part of the FHA’s current mortgage program, which lets people who don’t qualify for a mortgage buy homes for less than their fair market value.

It’s not clear whether that’s the case.

In some cases, the FHFA says it can save you up to 20 percent by doing the renovations yourself.

That’s because the government subsidizes the cost of these types of projects, and it pays for the work itself.

The agency says the renovation would cost about $20.3 million, including the cost for a foundation, concrete, wood and plumbing.

The FHA said it would pay for it through the federal mortgage-financing program, Fannie Mae.

The renovation could be done in six to eight months and be finished in five years, according to the FHO.

It could be cheaper if the Fannie mortgage loan is not secured by a federal guarantee.

It could be even cheaper if Fannie secures the loan for you and the contractor.

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