BKM reopens as BK Tower – News & Review

BK Marriott & BK Realty LLC, the parent company of Marriott, is reopening the hotel-condominium complex as a hotel with the purpose of revitalizing the surrounding neighborhoods of Midtown Manhattan.

The project was announced Monday, Dec. 6, by President and CEO of Marriott David Rittenhouse, who announced the opening of the hotel in partnership with the Midtown Alliance, a community organization dedicated to revitalizing Midtown and Midtown West.

BK’s new BK Center for Downtown will feature an 11-story hotel, an apartment building, an office building and a residential project that includes a residential component, said Michael M. Ritten, president and CEO, BK, in a statement. 

The building will also include retail, office space, and the hotel’s rooftop bar. 

“We want to give people a place to go,” Ritten said in the statement.

“It’s the perfect balance between the neighborhood, the hotel, and retail.

We’re making it an amazing place for all of our guests.”

The BK Hotel will be the fourth new Marriott hotel in Midtown since it opened in 2011, and it’s the first new Marriott property in the area since it was built in 1962. 

Rittenhouse noted that the BK building will be a “modern and vibrant space for all visitors.” 

“The B K Marriott & amp; B K Realty has always been committed to creating a place where people of all ages, from all walks of life, can have the opportunity to explore the Midland community and connect with the world,” he said. 

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