When you think of the ‘house hunters’ you think ‘pods,pods of pods’

A group of builders and property managers have started to explore the possibility of building a pod-shaped house on a parcel of land in the city’s east end.

The pods would sit about six metres apart, with the pod roof above and the house below. 

“It would be like an island in the sky,” said the owners, who were hoping to find some land in their backyard. 

The house would be on the top floor and the pods would be attached to a lower level. 

At least one pod was built in the backyard.

The owner says the pods were designed to be flexible and to be able to be adapted to the site conditions.

“The idea is to have pods of various sizes, shapes and colours to accommodate different types of housing needs,” he said.

They can be in the house, in the garden, at the back of the house and they can also be on top of the garden and be attached in the garage.””

We want the pods to be as adaptable as possible, so the pods can be moved around a lot.

They can be in the house, in the garden, at the back of the house and they can also be on top of the garden and be attached in the garage.”

The owner said the pods could also be used for “toys and games” but the owners were also looking for funding for the project.

One of their neighbours, who did not want to be named, said she had never seen anything like this before.

He said the pod project had received the support of the City of Vaughan’s Department of Housing, Community Development and Housing.

“I have been working with the city for a while on this project and I am so pleased to see that the project is on the right track and the community is excited about it,” he wrote in an email.

“It will be great to see this project become a reality and to see the pods be made available for use in our city.”

The city has offered to build a pod for $5 million and has given $4 million towards the project, but a final decision will be made in a few weeks.

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