New York City’s most expensive house: $5 million renovation

The New York-based architect John Reedy has come up with a crazy new idea for a Manhattan house.

It has to do with the renovation of an old mansion.

And while the house isn’t actually new, it has been undergoing renovations for decades.

The Reedy Group has been building mansions for years and has been working on renovations for a couple of decades.

But this one is a bit different.

It’s an endodental studio in a former mill in the Bronx, which has been converted into a studio.

The project is so expensive that the owners decided to take out a loan.

That money is going toward paying for the renovations and paying for materials and the like.

Here’s how the renovation is going to look.

The Reyers, who are based in New York, designed the home, which is actually one of the few such homes in the city.

There are four bedrooms and six bathrooms, as well as a pool, a spa, a restaurant and a home theater.

It’s located in a historic neighborhood and includes a pool.

The first two bedrooms are fully furnished.

The rest of the space is open to the public.

They’re still not done.

The second bedroom has a pool and a fire pit.

As for the kitchen, the space includes two separate kitchens, and there are a couple different ovens and stainless steel appliances.

They also have a full-sized refrigerator and two electric ranges.

The third bedroom has the ability to have a sink.

It also has a kitchenette.

The four-bedroom house has two full bathrooms, which are both on the first floor.

The fourth bedroom has its own separate shower.

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