The latest Google news story: ‘New technology’ improves photos of India’s farmers

Google’s search engine, which allows users to access news articles in India and around the world, is using the new “high-quality” photos generated by the company’s deep learning engine to enhance images of Indian farmers and their crops.

The move comes as India’s agriculture ministry is working on legislation to boost digital security and make the country a digital haven for farmers.

The bill has been flagged by the country’s agriculture minister in a letter to Google in June.

The Indian government has long complained that the search engine and its services are undermining its image as a secure and trustworthy place to do business.

Google is reportedly using a new software tool to generate high-quality photos of its India data center, according to Bloomberg.

The new tool, called Haxe, will use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to improve images of India, including crop yields, the newspaper reported, citing a source familiar with the project.

The company is not the only tech giant looking to improve its image in India.

Earlier this year, Facebook improved its image of India and other countries by adding thousands of more pixels, while Amazon improved its photo of the U.S. by adding tens of thousands of additional pixels.

The Indian government is pushing the government to update its legislation on how it plans to regulate online services, a spokeswoman said in a statement.

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