How to Find an Architect to Replace Your Home

The number of people who want to sell their homes is growing, but few have the capital to do it.

For the first time, the number of properties that are looking to be put up for sale on the market is increasing in tandem with that of those who are seeking new financing.

And in some cases, the average price is rising.

The rise in demand for home loans has also been fueled by an aging population and the economic downturn that has slowed demand for mortgages, according to data compiled by real estate agent and real estate broker Mark Reuss.

The average age of homebuyers in the United States has risen by three years, to 34, a sharp increase that has driven the price of homes that are available for sale up.

More:Home owners are seeking to buy their homes in record numbers, even though the market for homeownership is shrinking, the National Association of Realtors reported in May.

Reuss, the president and CEO of REIN, a real estate brokerage, says that is largely due to the economy, the health of the housing market and the increasing number of elderly people.

“People are realizing that this is a really hard time to be a homeowner,” he said.

While the economy is still improving, he says the number one concern among people looking to buy is that they will have to make payments on a home that is likely to be worth less than what they are paying now.

He said that’s a problem that he and other home sellers are seeing in the last few months as they continue to sell homes that have been foreclosed upon.

Real estate brokers have begun to get a feel for how many homes people are willing to sell at the current market prices.

Reuss says he’s heard that a lot of buyers are looking for a home they can live in for the next five to 10 years, rather than the five or six years they were expecting.

He said they’re also starting to see people who have been struggling financially in the past that are willing and able to make a down payment.

A lot of those people will have their equity on the property, he said, which makes it easier to sell the home at lower prices.

Reuss said that while many people are still searching for a mortgage, he has heard that some people are starting to take the opportunity to purchase a home.

The number is growing and he said the average transaction price for a house sold on the secondary market in May was $7,000, up from $5,000 a year ago.

Reus said that has helped to keep prices from rising too much.

In addition to the increase in demand, the U.S. has seen record housing starts.

The U.N. says the population is growing faster than the population, but the number and percentage of people buying homes has remained flat since 2005.

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