Man who saved his house from foreclosure is the new owner

NEW YORK — A man who saved a $1 million home in New York City from foreclosure by purchasing the home’s current owner from an online auction was surprised to learn the man had lived in the house for 10 years.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, the buyer of the $1.9 million home said he never thought he would have to move.

The lawsuit claims the buyer, an online broker, bought the property for $1,600,000 in March.

It’s a home he’s owned for 10 consecutive years and it was not on the market, the suit says.

When he saw the property was on the auction block, he decided to sell it.

The suit says the buyer paid $1 for the home, but he said he doesn’t know the buyer.

According to the lawsuit, he learned the buyer lived in his home for about 10 years, but had no contact with him.

He was contacted by an auction house he hired to take a look at the home and it turns out the buyer was the man who lives there, according to the suit.

The buyer asked the buyer if he was interested in buying the house and said yes, the lawsuit says.

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