How to save your home and its contents by remodeling or selling

How to remodel or sell your home to pay for repairs, repairs and upgrades?

Here are some things you need to know.

READ MOREThe home was built in 1909 by John Smith, a Chicago banker who was married to Mary White.

In 1912, Smith and his wife sold their house in an auction for $2,000.

His daughter, who later became the first woman to run for president, bought the property and sold it to the Smiths in 1926 for $4,000, which she used to help fund the Women’s Movement.

Smith lived a lavish life in the home, spending $2 million on wine, jewelry and designer clothes.

He also spent his retirement years in New York City.

He was the owner of the Chicago Bears, the New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs.

Smith’s daughter was his secretary, Mary White, and he also owned a hotel and a car dealership.

The house was also home to a large collection of photographs.

In 1927, the house was sold to a developer who turned it into the house that would become known as the Smith House.

The Smith House was a lavish place to spend money and had lots of gold and silver.

A former mayor of Chicago, James R. Kennedy, bought it in 1932 for $5 million.

It is still listed as one of the top 10 properties in Chicago.

In the 1940s, the Smith house was renovated to become the Smith Hotel, which is now known as The Smith Hotel.

The owner, Richard L. Stearns, lived there and later sold the property to John L. Geddes Jr., a wealthy businessman who is now the chairman of the Gedders Group, which owns the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Smith House is still open to the public, but the owners have closed the front entrance to it in order to preserve its historical value.

The current owners are seeking to reopen the house to the general public.

The new owners plan to restore the Smith home to its former glory, though some have already expressed concerns about the project.

“The Smith home is a unique property, but it’s been transformed into a commercial space, and now, at least in our view, that doesn’t belong in the City of Chicago,” Chicago resident Linda McKeever told the Chicago Tribune.

The City of the future will decide whether to reopen and reopen the Smithhouse, or if it will move on to other plans.

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