Renovations: Frogmore cottage renovation opens in Florida

The renovations of a home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that featured an extensive refurbishment by Frogmore Furniture has become a new national treasure.

The home is on the market for $2.3 million.

Owner Chris Tatum, of Frogmore, said the renovations, which include a custom-made floor, a new bathroom, and a brand new kitchen, were all worth the price.

“We did this for fun,” he said.

“We had a lot of fun with it.

And we thought it was really cool.”

The home, which features a swimming pool, dining room, master bedroom, living room and dining room/bathroom, features a new fireplace, new appliances, and an all-new ceiling.

It is also fully furnished with new furniture.

The house also includes a large, custom-designed outdoor patio and a new patio door, with a walk-in shower.

The renovations were carried out by Frogbites furniture and home furnishings company.

Tatum said they were able to use a large number of materials to complete the house, including a custom deck, custom tile and metal work.

The entire home is covered in original artwork, including original photographs, a portrait of a frog.

The renovation of the Frogmore home was part of a series of projects that started in May 2018, including renovating the home in Lakeland, Florida.

Tatum said the new renovations will take several years to complete.

“The renovation took us over a year and a half,” he told Fox News.

“There are some things that are very specific to frogs and amphibians, and we had to have some of them in this particular house.”

Tatum also said the home’s custom floor and flooring was “not that unique,” but “it was really nice to have a custom floor.”

The house was recently purchased by a private party and is currently undergoing renovations.

Tumas wife, Stephanie, who is also the owner of Frogbits, said her husband plans to keep the house in Fort Myers, Florida until he sells it.

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