New kitchen renovations in Bath and beyond

Posted by Polygon on Monday, September 25, 2018 10:08:03 This is the first week in which we’re posting an article that features a kitchen renovation that we’ve been talking about here at the Polygon office.

We’re pleased to share that the Bath and Bathurst community is getting the kitchen renovation they’ve been asking for and now they have a kitchen they can call home.

While we can’t tell you the exact details about the kitchen, here’s what you can expect to see when you look through the pictures in this article.

First, there are three kitchens, two of which have been remodeled to be much larger.

The first is a new one, designed by Bathurst-based designer Chris Leachman.

The other two are both smaller and built by the same designer, Chris Wooten.

The new kitchen has been designed by Chris Wattleman, a design studio based in Melbourne, Australia.

In the photos below, you can see the two newer kitchens that were designed by Wattlemann.

As you can imagine, the size of the kitchen is much bigger than the one we saw in our photos.

A third kitchen was also built by Wootens, which is designed by John Karras, who also did the other three kitchens.

You can see how that is different from the one you see in our first photo, but we’ve also included a photo of the new kitchen below.

There are four different types of stainless steel appliances.

The kitchen itself is powered by two electric cookers, and the other two electric stoves.

If you look at the photos above, you’ll notice that there are two different stainless steel burner handles.

What we’ve seen is that the older stoves were built to be used for cooking, and this one is a little more for grilling and making sausages.

The stainless steel stove also has a range of different types that can be used in different ways.

This new stove is designed for use as a gas stove.

There’s no heating element, so it will cook in the oven, on a stovetop, in a gas griddle, and with a propane grill.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kitchen that has been so completely redesigned in such a short time.

It’s also nice to see a new, updated kitchen that features new appliances and new functionality.

Finally, we’ve got a few photos of the entire kitchen.

The first one, shown above, shows a new electric stove and an electric grill.

You can see that there is a range for different types and different types for different cooking styles.

Here’s the second one, which shows the new gas stoves, along with an electric stove.

Now, this new kitchen is completely redesigned.

We know that some of you are going to be looking for the new stove because it’s smaller and has a new design, but if you look closer, you may be able to spot some of the features you’ve been looking for.

For starters, you will notice that the stoves are all new and different.

The ones we saw earlier are still on the same old stoves that were used in the old kitchen, but the ones we’ve shown here have all been changed.

Some of you may have noticed that the cooking area is different as well.

It’s much smaller, with just a large area to sit down.

When we moved into this new space, we knew that there was going to have to be a kitchen remodel.

But we didn’t expect that there would be so much change.

One of the most noticeable changes is the new heating element.

The old one was an old oven.

This one is designed to be the main heating element in your kitchen.

It will be used to heat the food, to cook meals, and to heat water.

Most of the appliances have been replaced with new appliances that are more modern.

The electric stove is a nice example.

The stove is now powered by a propan, which means that it will work on any kind of wood.

You’ll also notice that when you’re cooking, the propane burner has been moved to the other side of the stove, so that the burner will be able be used on a gas grill.

It’ll heat water in the kitchen.

All of the staves have been redesigned to be more modern as well, and we’re not just talking about the stove.

All of the ovens, stoves and cooktops have been revamped.

And for those of you that want to see the rest of the pictures, you’ve got them below.

All photos by Chris Leacher.

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