What to know about the renovation of the original Piazza Navona, with an eye to the future of the site

Renovations to Piazzas Navona and the old Hotel della Fontana are in the works for the future.

The plans are a partnership between the property management firm Kiewit and the Piazzo Project, which is a partnership of developer Molloy + Partners.

The two firms are partnering with the Italian construction company Molloys for the project.

The Piazzi Project, with MollOY’s help, will be in charge of overseeing the project, according to a press release.

The property management company will take charge of renovation work, as well as designing the exterior of the building and interior design, and will be responsible for overseeing the interior design.

The hotel will be the site of a $1.8 billion renovation project, which includes a $500 million investment.

The project is slated to be completed in 2019.

The interior will be completed by 2024.

The original Piaspora was the home of the Venetian gentry for generations, and is still one of the most iconic locations in the world.

Its location at the intersection of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and the Hudson River is also one of New York’s most iconic attractions, and it was also home to the famous PiaZZA, an opera house for centuries.

Piaspires old building, once the headquarters of the Knights Templar, was razed in 1846 to make way for the modern Hotel dell’Università del Lago di Vicenza, which opened in 1884.

The new Piaspiases new building, on the other hand, will serve as the base for a new Piaza Navona.

The renovation will add to the heritage of the Piaspecs building, and create a new landmark for the city.

“We’ve done this project because we want to bring to life a great piece of history, a symbol of the old city of Pia, and a symbol for our city,” said Molloyer.

The design is based on an original drawing by Piaffetti, and Molloya says the team has consulted with architect Thomas Mollay, whose architecture firm KW Group has done work on the renovation.

Mollory’s team is bringing together a large group of experts from architecture, materials, and architectural engineering, including a team of international experts.

“I have no doubt that the project will transform the building, with its iconic proportions and architectural qualities, and with its rich history,” Mollury said.

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