Spanish tourist in wheelchair in ‘residencia’ on tour

The Spanish tourist, who has been in a wheelchair since her family lost her in an accident, is in her second tour of Europe.

The 30-year-old was taken to Italy by a tour company after she was left homeless and was unable to afford accommodation in Madrid.

“She’s just amazing.

I’m very, very lucky,” said her guide, Maria Teresa Rodriguez, who is from the town of San Antonio in southern Spain.

The tourist, known as Rene, was taken on a tour of Spain by a company that offers mobile homes for tourists.

She has spent six months in her tour and has already visited Germany, France and the United States.

Rene is also helping to build a mobile home park in Spain’s Basque Country.

Her tour was her first of several such tours the company will take this summer.

“I was very excited when I saw her.

She is a very talented person, very good in her speech,” said Rene’s guide, who asked not to be named.

“We met her at the airport.

I thought she had just been through an accident.

She told me she was still in a little bit of pain and she was very sad.

We took her to the hotel where she was staying and she told me about the work that had been done.”

Rene said that the mobile home project is a big help to her financially.

“The first thing that I thought was that she is going to live there.

She didn’t expect it.

She said it is a good thing for the environment,” she said.

“This project is really helping her to recover her finances, and she is getting the right help.”

The project will take place over three years, starting with Spain’s first mobile home, which was built in the village of San Miguel de San Juan in April.

Rhenes family lost their home in a car accident when Rene was a child and spent time living in squalor and poverty.

The family lived in a trailer until she was 15 years old, when her father was fired from his job in the Spanish military for helping his wife get pregnant.

Rensa said that it was difficult for Rene to move around in Spain while her family was staying in the same house.

The house is on the outskirts of the town, and her father had to move the family to a bigger house in the nearby village of Alvaro.

Rhensa said she had no money to buy food, clothes and medication, but she also said she wanted to get her younger brother, who she was living with, back home.

Renes family spent $6,000 on the mobile house project and she said she has paid for it herself.

“After all, I did not have any money,” Rhenas mother, Maria Rodriguez, told CNN.

“My mother paid for my mobile home.

I am grateful to her.”

Rhensas mother said that she was happy that the family had moved to a mobile house in Spain because it was in the center of her village and she would not have to drive the family there every day.

The project is now moving to the nearby town of Santander.

“Rhenes is such a very creative person.

She can think of many things and I think that she will always be an inspiration to me,” Rodriguez said.

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