How much does your condo cost?

Benji is a large, well-preserved brick building in a quiet, wooded area in Philadelphia.

It is one of the oldest brick-and-mortar apartment buildings in the country, dating back to the 19th century.

Benji’s current owners, who have owned it for a decade, renovated it over the past year, replacing the kitchen and dining rooms with more modern, modern furnishings.

Benjis original owner, Benji Miller, bought it in 2003.

In 2014, Benji’s owner, Daniel Schmidhuber, began selling the building to a developer.

BenJis current owner, Jim Cogswell, plans to renovate the building and move its offices and storage into the new, expanded building.

Puerto Rico’s government is looking to buy the building, which sits just off of the island’s mainland.

It has a $6.7 billion deficit and has not approved any financing to help the island rebuild.

The island is facing a $3.3 billion debt crisis and the government is trying to cut the island out of the federal budget deficit.

Benji’s original owner said the building would provide a much-needed income for the family.

But he said the new owners wanted to keep the structure as it was and would only accept renovations to improve its condition.

“The property is an historic landmark, and we want to make sure the building is preserved and maintained,” Benjif said.

“We want to maintain its history.”

The renovated building sits in the middle of a neighborhood, where it has a lot of homes.

It’s in a section of the city where many of the residents are poor.

In the past few years, many of them have struggled with homelessness and drug addiction.

The building’s owners plan to donate some of the money they receive from the sale to the U.S. Red Cross to help with a rehabilitation program for people who are homeless.

In September, BenJi was listed on, a website for listings of properties that rent for a certain amount of time, and the site’s website shows a listing for a $2,800-per-month apartment in the neighborhood.

For the past several years, Ben Jis owners have made it a point to have new and renovated homes for sale in the area.

Cogswill said the renovated building will remain on Benji for the time being.

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