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The renovations that have been the talk of Dodger Stadium over the past year are just getting started, and with that comes the first of a number of projects that will be able to bring more than a few new and improved amenities to the area.

First, the Dodgers are working on a series of upgrades to their home’s upper deck, which will allow for the installation of new seating, more food and beverage service, and a new video board that will allow fans to watch games.

The renovations are expected to be completed by the end of July, and the project is expected to cost $2.3 million, with a $1.2 million deposit to the Dodgers’ “Major League Baseball Museum of the Pacific Northwest” and a $2 million donation from the team to the museum.

The renovations will include the installation and installation of two new video boards on the upper deck and an expansion of the seating area, which has been a sticking point for Dodger fans.

The team will need to raise $500,000 to cover the cost of the expansion of seating and a portion of the renovations, but that will come with a hefty price tag: $2,350 per seat.

The expansion is expected for completion in June, with the rest of the upgrades expected to happen in July.

This all started back in March, when a new concession stand was installed in the lower deck of the stadium, and since then, the stadium has been renovating its seating, as well as its food and drink service.

The new concession stands will allow a total of seven food and wine stands to be installed in different sections of the park, which is expected that to generate up to 1.5 million more seats.

Additionally, the club is also planning to open a new food and drinks restaurant on the east side of the building, with plans to offer fans a variety of food and beverages.

This new concession area is expected be able hold more than 700,000 people, with an additional 20,000 seats set aside for a new beer garden.

According to the club, the new concession areas will also provide fans with new seating that will not be restricted to the east and west side of Dodgertown.

In the coming weeks, the team is expected try to bring a number more new amenities to Dodger Park, including a new movie theater, a new scoreboard and a complete overhaul of the parking garage.

The stadium has also been preparing for the construction of a new high school, and that will include construction of new playgrounds, a soccer field, and new locker rooms.

The improvements to the upper and lower deck will also include new parking structures, as part of the renovation plans.

This will include a $100,000 investment from the city of Los Angeles that will build a new parking garage for the stadium at the end and upper deck of Dodgy Way, as opposed to the existing one at the corner of Wilshire and Wilshire Boulevard.

This new parking structure is expected cost around $350,000, and is expected in the first half of 2019.

The project is set to be complete by the start of July.

The team is also considering a new public plaza on the west side, which would be built in the area of Willey, Wilshire, and Wilton streets and would have a total capacity of around 6,000.

The city has already agreed to pay for the project, and construction is expected by the middle of 2020.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, the city is working with the team on a plan to convert the existing parking garage on Wilshire into a new plaza, which could also be a part of a larger renovation to the stadium.

The plan is also being considered for a park at the site of Wilton Boulevard.

The Dodgers will also be looking to build a second, larger park at Wilton and Wilson, which was first proposed by the club back in February.

The Dodgers have been working on plans for the new park for some time, and they hope to start construction sometime in early 2019, with construction expected to start in early 2020.

The stadium is also currently working on the development of a second and third level of the new stadium, which includes a stadium office building, restaurants, retail, a concert hall, and more.

The building would be connected to the lower level of Dodgers Stadium by a pedestrian bridge, with approximately 4,000 apartments to be built on top of it.

The second level of this new stadium would also include the Dodger Bus Terminal, with offices for employees of the team and local merchants.

The renovation of the existing stadium will be done by the Dodgers, which include work on a new roof and the installation to the field level.

The renovation is expected complete by mid-2019, and there is a tentative timeline of a completion date of mid-October.

There are also plans to add additional concessions at Dodger Plaza, including two new concession

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