A $1.8 million trailer renovation project in Cape Cod could cost $500,000 to $1 million per trailer

Cape Cod, Mass.

— A $1,800,000 trailer renovation in Cape Dalmatia is set to be completed this year.

The project will be the first of its kind in Massachusetts, said John Schuster, the president and chief executive officer of the Cape Cod Restoration Partnership.

The nonprofit group has worked to build the trailer that will house the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the University of Massachusetts.

The project is expected to cost around $1m.

Schuster said the project has the support of a number of community groups, including the Cape Dalmata Community Association, which has partnered with the nonprofit to work on the project.

Schuster said the consortium is also working to obtain federal funds.

Cape Cod Conservation Trust, a nonprofit group that is involved in restoring historic buildings in Cape Ann, is the prime contractor for the project and the conservator of historic properties.

It will be able to secure funding from the National Parks Service and the Department of Homeland Security, Schuster told NBC News. 

“The goal is to build an iconic landmark, a landmark that is going to be of value for generations to come,” Schuster explained. 

The project was started in 2015 by a consortium led by the University at Buffalo, with support from the State of Massachusetts, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, according to Schuster.

The restoration will be a significant addition to Cape Cod’s historic and cultural heritage, said Lisa Dennison, executive director of the University Museum at Cape Cod.

The museum is one of the oldest institutions in the area and is the only one in the state that preserves and preserves artifacts from the first settlers to Cape Dal.

Schuster said that when construction begins, the entire structure will be finished, with the exception of the foundation.

He said the building will be open to the public, but will remain closed to the general public.

The renovation is scheduled to be complete by March 2019. 

Construction for the restoration will cost around 10 million dollars, according, according Schuster The building will also include a community garden, which is scheduled for completion in May 2019, and a visitor center, which will be completed in September 2020.

The restoration will also feature a video display and a library, as well as a meeting room, an amphitheater and a restaurant.

Schuckers, a former Marine, has worked with a number local organizations to assist with the project, including The City of Cape Cod and the Cape Conservancy.

He said that while the project may seem expensive, he is excited to be part of the effort.

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