£5 million for Buckingham Palace renovation cost

A new £5million refurbishment of Buckingham Palace’s rooms has been approved by the Queen, who will receive the money from the taxpayers.

The Queen is expected to receive the £5m for the renovation of the Buckingham Palace, which was ordered by the former prime minister, Tony Blair, in 2006.

The Buckingham Palace has long been considered to be among the world’s most expensive buildings.

Mr Blair said he had asked the Queen to pay for the refurbishment in the event of his death.

The £5.8million cost of the renovation was announced in a statement released by the palace on Tuesday.

The Palace was established in 1871 by Lord Northcliffe, who was the Earl of Leicester.

The palace was rebuilt and reopened in 1993.

The building was built as part of the Royal Family’s new residence in London.

The new royal residence is due to be completed in 2019 and the Palace will be home to the Queen for the next 50 years.

The Royal Family was criticised for failing to make the Palace fully accessible to the public.

In December last year, the Queen gave a televised address about the building and said that while it was the most expensive palace in the world, it was not the most glamorous, saying: “I do not see why it should be any more expensive than any other palace, or any other building in the country.”

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