How renova Zero could be a model for a future wave of rooftop apartments

With the advent of the smart home, the idea of renovating your home to fit the latest technological needs is becoming more and more common.

Renova Zero, a smart home appliance from France, is a concept that has seen its popularity surge since its launch back in 2017.

Renovar Zero is a smart energy appliance that lets you save energy and cut down on water consumption.

This has been a long-term goal of the French company, which was founded in 2008 by Nicolas Goudsier and Pierre-Luc Mélan.

Reno Zero is the brainchild of Goud, a French scientist who is best known for his work on the so-called nanofabrication project.

Goud is known for developing the nano-electronics that can make tiny machines work with electricity.

Renora Zero is built with advanced technology, which is the result of the company’s work on nanotechnology.

It’s made of silicon, and is also designed to withstand water pressure, heat and temperature changes.

In this video, Goud discusses his vision for the project.

Renoras Zero is designed to use the latest technology, but can also function as a hub for energy storage.

Renoras Zero can also be used to control the lighting in your home, with a variety of different features.

Goud said that he wants to make this appliance into a household appliance that’s affordable, easy to install and can be used anywhere.

“Renora is a very simple product, but it’s very, very smart,” he said.

“RenoraZero can do the job of washing dishes, washing laundry, washing the floors.

It can do this and more.

It has everything that you need to do your laundry.”

Renora zero has already been in use in France, but this isn’t the first time it’s been used in the United States.

In 2019, a team from the University of Florida used a different version of the product to control a light.

Renorum Zero is an extension of Gauds technology, called NanoFab.

The NanoFab is a product developed at UCF that combines a battery, sensor, a computer, and a processor to make a small, energy-efficient device.

The NanoFab allows the user to control their home’s lighting by controlling a light that moves with the temperature of the room.

The University of Virginia also used the NanoFab, which they said allowed them to control temperature, temperature and humidity in a living room.

While Goud says that the NanoFrab will soon become the standard for smart appliances, there are still many areas that need to be worked on before Renora Zero becomes the standard.

The first step is for Renora to be fully compatible with existing smart home technology.

This is the first step in getting it into the hands of people who have an interest in smart homes, said Goud.

Gaud said that RenoraZero is a bit different from any other smart energy product.

Renora zero is a combination of sensors, which can be plugged into any smart home device.

Renoir Zero will work with any smart lightbulb, and will automatically adjust the brightness based on the temperature in the room, so the lights are kept on for the entire night.

Renorrone Zero can control up to eight sensors.

It will also work with other smart lights, such as a light switch or air conditioner.

Renroras Zero will allow users to turn on or off lights, adjust the temperature and even adjust the lighting.

It will also allow users with smart home systems to control and control the light in their homes.

The most important feature of Renora is that it will be available for $299.

There are plans to bring Renora down to $299, and there are plans for the device to be available as a smart light bulb.

“The price is going to go up from there,” Goud said.

Renoor Zero is currently in testing with developers in the US.

It should be available in the fall, and the company hopes to have it in production by 2020.

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