‘A very happy girl’: A happy home with an ironing board

The happy home of two sisters in a quiet village in Uttar Pradesh, India, is set to become a reality.

The sisters, sisters Sita and Neeraj, have bought a house in their village and are planning to turn it into their own.

The three sisters have decided to renovate their home to create a new, spacious house that will have a modern kitchen and bathrooms.

The two sisters are also planning to have a second house in the area and they hope to buy a farm.

The house they have bought, called ‘Avery’, is built of brick, with a modern design.

The family is now looking to raise funds for the project.

The sisters have also bought a brand new washing machine, which they hope will give them a boost in their daily chores.

They have also added a second kitchen, as well as a toilet.

The family is also planning a garden, and are considering making a new home for their children.

The brothers, who have also been in the business for years, are currently planning to sell their farm and have also started selling their property.

They also want to start their own business.

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