Which toilet paper brands have made the most noise during the renovation of train stations?

It’s been over a month since the metro rail station renovations in New Delhi, but the state’s most popular brand of toilet paper is still in the news, as it has been accused of being involved in a controversial renovation project at one of its train stations.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has reportedly started a project in which it is installing toilet paper dispensers in train stations across the city, which will be installed in a bid to help commuters get rid of old toilet paper and deter them from littering, which is a major issue for the metro network.

The metro rail company said that its work is not connected with the Delhi Municipal Corporation, which manages the railway network, but it is part of a wider initiative to improve sanitation in the city.

However, a report from India Today says that Metro Rail is using its toilet paper to cover the toilets at its new station in New Kheri in the national capital.

It said that Metro was planning to use toilet paper for toilets at a new station and that it has asked for input from citizens and civic groups.

Metro Rail has been criticized for not being transparent about the project.

The project, which has been in the works for about two months, is expected to cost about Rs 12,000 crore.

The project is being conducted by an NGO called Project Pachira, which said that it was working with residents to implement the toilet paper project.

In a statement, Project Pampir said that they had already reached out to over 100 residents of New Kheli in order to discuss the project and to provide them with toilets, clean water and electricity.

The organisation said that the toilet papers were being used to cover toilets and to make the station more functional, which would help improve hygiene.

Project Pachir said it was a “significant step” for sanitation in New Karni.

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