‘We Are Not Alone’: The Story Behind ‘No Place Like Home’ and the New Music of the Year

A new album by the British band No Place Like home will soon hit stores, and one of the songs that will make the track list is one of their most popular songs.

The track, “No Place Is Lonely,” will appear on the album’s cover, which was unveiled at the London premiere of “We Are Here.”

“It’s not my song to play, I love it, but it’s a beautiful song,” the singer told the New York Times.

“It makes me feel really good.”

The track was first announced at the 2012 MTV VMAs, and it featured a remix by producer J Balvin.

In the song, the singer tells a story of being in a house full of strangers and a man, who she calls “the only one I love,” who tells her, “You’re not alone, you’re a member of this family.”

Watch the video below to hear “No Location Is Lonely” at the 2016 VMAs.

“I just thought, ‘Let’s do something really beautiful for him and let’s bring him back,'” the singer continued.

“Because that’s the one thing he’s never been to before.

I love him, and I love this family, so I want him to be able to experience this world again.

And that’s really the song I wrote.”

Listen to the track below.

“No Name” was released in December 2017.

“We are here” is the title track from the album, which is set to hit stores in June 2018.

The song is the first single from the upcoming album.

“In a world that’s full of fear and isolation, we’re going to find that there’s hope, love, and a way to make it through,” No Place is Lonely frontman Alex Cox told Pitchfork in May.

“That’s what the album is about.

And I’m really excited for the people that are going to listen to it.”

The band recently announced that it will release an album in the spring.

The band is scheduled to perform at The O2 in London, England, on May 23, 2018.

Read Pitchfork’s review of “No Time to Wait” below.

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