What to do if you’re moving out of the city

The city is trying to get people to rent in their own homes and the process has become more complicated as more residents are moving out.

Here’s what you need to know.


You can’t just move out and then rent the place.

You need to get a rental agreement in place.

There are rules about when you can move out.

You cannot move out of a rental property until you are registered with the city and have registered as a tenant.

You also can’t move out for a period of time and then leave the city, even if you have a tenancy agreement.


You have to give the city permission to rent your home.

You will need to tell the city about any changes you have made in the property and the amount you are planning to spend on repairs.


The city must approve the plan you have to build a home.

If you want to buy the home, you must submit a building plan to the city.

If the city approves your plan, you have 30 days to move the home out of your home, give the planning department your plans and get approval to demolish it.

If there is no building plan, the city will approve the plans and demolish the home.


The owner of the home has to pay for the work.

If your home has a lot of windows, you may have to pay extra to clear them.

If it is a private home, the owner has to contribute a deposit.


You must pay for repairs and upgrades.

You should make sure your home is up to code before you move in, and then the city may pay for any work you need.

You may need to pay a premium for a new roof or water meter or for a window replacement.


You’re not allowed to move your belongings inside the home without permission.

This includes books, documents and other personal items.

If a tenant moves in with a family member or friends, they have to provide the tenant with an apartment permit.

The tenant may then rent it out.

If that happens, the tenant must provide the permit for the entire family to use.

If they don’t, the tenants can’t rent the home at all.


The landlord can charge you more than what the city is allowed to charge.

If rent is higher than the allowed, the landlord has to provide a written agreement explaining why.


You’ll need to be sure your lease is up-to-date.

The rules for new leases say that they must be updated annually, but the city can charge more than that for new lease renewals.

The cost of renewals is included in the monthly rent.

If this is the case, you can get the city to pay the difference.


If people move in to your property, you’re responsible for paying them rent.

You are also responsible for keeping the building and grounds clean.

If anyone moves in, you’ll have to put up trash cans, put up garbage bags, or provide them with a place to put their belongings.


The tenants must agree to abide by the rules.

The agreement must state that you are not allowed in the building, but it can be a conditional agreement, which means that if someone does break the rules, you are responsible for cleaning up after them.

You don’t have to enforce the rules in this way, but you must follow them.


If tenants move out, you don’t get to take over the property.

Instead, you will have to lease it back to someone else.

The new owner has 90 days to do so.

If no one moves in and the city doesn’t approve your plans, the new owner will have 90 days from the date of the original lease to sell the property to a new owner.

You won’t be able to rent the property back to anyone, including tenants.

The lease should be signed before the new tenant comes into the building.

If an agreement is made, it must be in writing.

If someone moves in after the 90 days, the original owner can’t renew the lease without the agreement being in writing and signed by the new tenants.


If something goes wrong with the building or the property, the renters may sue.

If landlords don’t follow their lease, the court can order the landlord to do repairs and the landlord can also be liable for the cost of cleaning up.

The court also can order that the landlord pay a fee for cleaning the property up and the costs of repairing it. 13.

If renters move out with a problem with the property that was caused by someone else, the property owner may sue them.

The case can go to court, which usually involves mediation, and the tenants may have the right to ask the court to order that their landlord pay them a court fee.


The renters can sue for damages, too.

If damage is caused by another person, such as a tree falling on the property or someone throwing a rock at it, the

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