New Jersey apartment renovation station renovates the basement of a condominium in Newark

NEW JERSEY — New Jersey’s largest apartment renovation and renovation station is renovating the basement, according to the New Jersey Department of Housing and Community Development.

The Newark-based Renovation Station, which opened in June, renovated a condo on the 8200 block of West 27th Street in Newark.

It will be the second apartment renovation at the property since January.

In February, the same month the station opened, Renovation Studio was remodeling a home on the same block in Newark’s East Ward.

The home has since been sold and is now being used as a condos for people who rent out units.

In March, the New York City Housing Authority purchased an adjacent lot and opened a new apartment complex for low-income residents in Newark at the corner of West 28th Street and West 27.

The area is also now the home of a housing cooperative that rents to residents who rent units in apartments, as well as a homeless shelter.

“Renovation Station is bringing together affordable housing, community housing, senior housing and community services in a way that’s been missing for a long time,” said New Jersey Housing Authority Chairwoman Elizabeth Chayefsky.

The renovation was funded through the state’s Community Development Block Grant Program.

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