Construction renovation services in Kolkata: Kolkatas first luxury hotel to open in 2 years

Kolkatan: Construction services in the Indian capital are in the midst of a major renovation.

The luxury Kolkatta Hotel has been given a makeover and will open as a 1,500-seat hotel by the end of this month.

The project is to be completed in two years, with the hotel being operational by March 2021.

The hotel will be constructed on a scale of 4,200 sq ft and has been designed by a team headed by Gautam Bhatia and will be located in a renovated former colonial palace.

The resort-style hotel is also planned to have a swimming pool and an indoor spa.

The luxury hotel is a 10-star hotel and will boast of all-inclusive facilities.

The hotel is the second luxury hotel in the city.

The Kolkattas first luxurious hotel to become a luxury hotelThe project to overhaul Kolketta is a milestone for Kolkats luxury hotel industry.

The Kolkatti-based luxury hotel group is one of the largest in the world with more than 1,000 hotels and resorts around the world.

Kolkatta has also seen a boom in new hotels, many of them luxury and exclusive.

In February, the Kolkatis first luxury, the Jain, opened as a brand new hotel on the banks of the Yamuna River in Kollam.

The Jain Hotel in Kovalam is a new luxury hotel and offers a three-star suite with the capacity to accommodate more than 600 people.

The first luxury in the capital has also been opened in the Kollams former colonial capital of Kolla, where the Kolhapur-based Kolkathans first luxury resort has been opened as Kollatan.

The three-bedroom, four-bathroom resort hotel has been built in a former colonial-era palace and is named after the first Kolkatalan king.

The development was a joint venture between the Kollsan Development Authority and the Koulikur Hotel Company.

The property is situated on a 10.4-acre land in the former capital.

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