How to save money when you renovate your home

Realtors and landlords have come a long way since the days when it was possible to rent out your house for just a few weeks, and the price tags on rental properties have been reduced to the point that it is possible to save a few hundred dollars per month on your property.If you’re looking […]

Beaver Stadium renovations realty market: Rebuilds are trending

REINCARNATION REVIEWS A realtor’s guide to Beaver Stadium renovation realty.A realty broker who reviewed the renovation realties at the stadium in 2014 found it to be the most expensive in the league, but also the most attractive.In fact, it was the most affordable of the four renovation realities examined, according to the realtor.The realtor recommended […]

How to make Mexican rice at home

Mexico’s rice is made in one of the world’s biggest refineries, but there are many ways to make it at home, says the author of a new book on the country’s rice industry.“It’s the world class rice industry in Mexico,” says Jose Antonio López, who also teaches at the University of Mexico.“I can’t even imagine […]

Why did the RCPB stop RCP renovation?

We are still waiting for the new RCPBs to go live.But we’re still waiting.That’s why we are continuing our #RebuildTheRCPB series highlighting the work that needs to be done in our community.Last week, the RCAF took over the city’s aging subway and light rail stations to build a new facility for the RTP, a massive […]

Which food is the most expensive to eat in India?

When it comes to food, India has its own cuisine.But some of the most common dishes are not the most popular, and some of them are downright disgusting.Here’s a look at some of India’s worst-known dishes.1.Mangalicious rice curry, karah, masala, namakkadam rice curry (Namakksha)A popular dish at Indian weddings, it’s a combination of rice, tamarind, […]

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